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Weekly BritAsian News is Alhamdulillah gives neutral live news to those who read and listen to the integrity and honesty of 2012. Today, nearly 3 years ago Syed Muarif Mehmood Hashmi formally launched BraitAsian News in England. In the meantime Syed Usman Mehmood Hashmi formally launched BraitAsian News in Pakistan.  We also posed many odds and problems during the startup from Pakistan & UK. We convey all the changing conditions and news in Pakistan and England. Courage given by Allah & the interest and efforts of our people is the most convenient way to becoming the best example for those who read BritAsian News. By Allah’s willing, we will continue to improve the material and impartial news for those who improve their reading and listening.

Chief Editor:             Syed Muarif Mehmood Hashmi           ( England )
Editor:                       Syed Usman Mehmood Hashmi           ( Pakistan )
Resident Editor:      Syed Aqib Mehmood Hashmi                ( Pakistan / Dubai )