MORE Remainers will vote LEAVE amid calls for SECOND Brexit vote | UK | News

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Mr Evans said there are “quite a lot of people” who voted to Remain in the EU because of the Brexit doom-mongering. But he said the “scare stories” told by the Remain campaign have not come true since the Brexit vote.

Appearing on RT UK, Mr Evans said: “There are also quite a lot of people who respect a democratic result and they say, ‘yes, I was on the Remain side but I respect the fact that we didn’t win and we should get on and do what the British people told us to do’. 

“And they are absolutely right.”

But Mr Evans claimed there are some Leave voters who now regret the decision and will vote a “different” way.  

The former deputy Mayor slammed claims Britain will suffer after Brexit. He said there are “fantastic” manufacturing figures emerging following the Brexit vote. 

Mr Evans said: “Investment in the UK from countries abroad has actually not slowed, which was one of the key things we were told would be a problem. So there are swings and roundabouts. 

“And one of the things you know about economic figures is that there are many causes – it’s not just about Brexit. All economists that do predictions, they are all wrong the question is just whether they are going to be a lot wrong or a little bit wrong.”  

Brexiteer Nigel Farage came out to support of holding a second Brexit referendum on Thursday, insisting another vote will shut down the “ridiculous” anti-Brexit arguments from Remainers such as Tony Blair and Lord Adonis.

The Brexiteer said he fears Parliament will reject a final Brexit deal and some MPs and Peers will do “everything they can to put us through a second Brexit referendum”.

Mr Farage met with the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier on Monday to discuss key Brexit issues. 

Following the meeting, Mr Farage said he was “pessimistic” and realised Britain will not be given a good Brexit deal. 

He admitted Michel Barnier “stiffened up” when asked about how Britain’s services will be incorporated into a final Brexit deal.

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